Gent molt capaį

Breathing space for families


In summer 1994, the Association Sant Tomàs, in collaboration with the ‘Diputació de Barcelona’ (The Regional Government of Barcelona), created the Breathing Space Service in Families, initially called “Temporary Accommodation in Families”. At that moment it started up as a pilot experience in all Catalonia. About a hundred people have benefited from it since its beginnings and at present we have forty foster families. 

The Service of Support and Mentoring began in 2000, but since 2014 this service has been taken over by the Federation for Disabled People (DINCAT) which is located in Barcelona.

In 2009, the Osona District Council proceed to certify the organization as a SAD (Public Limited Company), so that the Breathing Service of Sant Tomàs Association could carry out the home care service specialized in people with mental disabilities, which was legally recognized in order to operate  that year.

Since March 2014, we have been managing the SAD of Vic City Council as an answer to the need for this service to be carried out by specialized staff capable to deal with disabled people.

At the beginning of October 2014, the service started to offer a new tool:“Hospital Assistance” for people with disabilities who are in convalescence in a hospital in order to give a break to their families so that they can fulfil their family, work and social chores.

Among other services, St. Tomas offers occasional support of babysitters, accompaniments, temporary foster care services at private homes, when the families are not entitled to have access to funded programs as they don’t fulfil all the requirements.