Gent molt capaį

Breathing space for families


The Service of temporary fostering provides help to biological-caregiver families of people with intellectual disabilities through this breathing service, mainly by offering temporary fostering in families for periods of at least one day (overnight) up to a maximum ten days, distributed according to the needs of the family of origin and the possibilities of foster families.

Before proceeding to arrange a fostering service, the three involved parties (the foster family, the biological family and the breathing service staff) are due to sign a contract, which shall include the duration of the fostering, the amount to be received by the foster family and the consent of all the parties. We must point out that without this duly signed contract, the fostering service will not be carried out.

All Foster families will get an allowance of €35 per day and €5 per night, for the costs that may arise. These amounts are to be paid by the Breathing service.

The fostering service must be arranged just to offer a real breathing space to biological families, not to get a babysitter service or some kind of family support while working, going to the doctor, etc. and not even without overnight (as a requirement of the Provincial Government of Barcelona). If so, we must point out that the family would have to pay the full service without getting the subsidy of €45 per day.