Gent molt capaį

Breathing space for families

Home Care Service (SAD)

The service SAD is linked to another service of Osona County Council and the Town Hall of Vic, which provides home care for people with intellectual disabilities (those holding an administrative certificate with at least 33% of disability as well as the recognition of the Law Dependency).

The SAD has a team of trained professionals as well as individualized programs, all of which are based on assistance, preventive, rehabilitative and educational aims:

  • Educational Actions: Helping to acquire and / or regain domestic and personal habits that help the person to maintain a sufficient degree of autonomy and simultaneously, enabling to offer the family a break.
  • Rehabilitating Actions: Aimed to acquire or regain lost skills (getting dressed, washing themselves, walking ...).
  • Assistance Actions: When a person is not capable of taking care of the basic tasks, the professional will be responsible for them (such as eating, hygiene, control of medication ...).
  • Preventive Actions: Aimed to prevent risky or dangerous situations leading to a loss of independence (falls, accidents at home…).