Gent molt capaį

Development and Early Attention Centre


In 1980, after verifying the need and the opportunity of impelling a service of early stimulation from the Association, we began to assist the first users. Tris Tras was one of the 5 first centres that was set up in Catalonia. At the beginning, the educators assisted the children in their own houses and in 1987 the operations were moved to Avenue Sant Bernat Calvó until the premises that the Association acquired for this service in street la Riera, both in the city of Vic. In 2007 a new centre was inaugurated in Manlleu, in the premises assigned by the Council and 2010 in Centelles.

At present, the early attention services are called officially Centres of Child Development and Early Attention (CCDEA).

The centres of child development and early attention (CCDEA) have been integrated in the Catalan System of Social Services since June 1995. In October of 1998 a Basic Net of Social Services of Public Responsibility were established in all the Catalan territory and this way, through the formula of arrangement of the early attention services, this public service is guaranteed in all Catalonia. The universal character of the early attention facilitates,  from any scope of our society, we can access the centre of child development and early attention, as they are sectored according to the territories.

An arranged public network

The Catalan Institute of Assistance and Social Services of the Department of Social Action and Citizenship has been leading the early attention since 1985 and since 1995, has full competence in this field.

Since the issue of the Law of the Parliament of Catalonia 18/2003, of 4th July, of support to families and its normative development, the Law 261/2003, of 21st October, for which the services of early attention are regulated, it advances  nature and the extension of the early attention services, in a way that they turn into services that have more a universal character and are free for the children until 6 years old and their families.