Gent molt capaį

Development and Early Attention Centre

What is it?

The Development and Early Attention Centre Tris Tras is a centre specialized in child development that carries out a series of assistance and preventive performances, addressed to children from 0 to 6 years old who have some type of disorder of development, or are in a situation of social, psychological and/or biological risk. It takes part in the difficulties of raising children that could alter the process of growth, and it also provides support to the education in kindergartens and nurseries which promotes the prevention and the training of the families.


  • To evaluate globally the problems of the children and their families.
  • To inform, orientate, give support and assessment to the family.
  • To offer therapeutic attention to the infants in an individualized way or in little groups.
  • To orientate and give support to the children’s education schools.
  • To carry out the follow-up of the child’s development.
  • To collaborate in the programmes of prevention and detection.
  • To participate and carry out tasks of researching, teaching and training.

The scopes of intervention are:

  1. The children and their families as a developmental unit.
  2. The family.
  3. The natural environment in which the child develops.
  4. The society.

From the integral therapeutic intervention, we are working on all the areas of the development in order to help the child grow in a global and harmonic way.