Gent molt capaį

Development and Early Attention Centre

Of attention to children and their families

The CCDEA Tris Tras, offers a service of psychotherapeutic and rehabilitation attention addressed to children between 0 and 6 years old, putting into their availability the techniques and performances most appropriate in order to maximize capacity of development and welfare of the children and adapt the environment to their needs.

As well, it offers a service of orientation to the users’ families, giving them the assessment and support to the parents or tutors in their own contexts, involving them in the daily work and carrying out programmes designed specially for the family environment. In this way we find the Programme Parent to Parent. This programme will aim to offer other parents the support and company to families facing the situation of having a child with a psychical and/ or physical disability, getting in contact with a foster family who could share with their experiences. Click here to download the informative leaflet.