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Residential Housing and Daily Housing Service CENTRE RIUDEPERES

What is it?

The Centre Riudeperes is a service and establishment of the Catalan Institute of Assistance and Social Services (CIASS) of the Department of Social Action and Citizenship of the ‘Generalitat de Catalunya’ ( Catalan Government), arranged and administrated by the Association Sant Tomàs - PARMO.

The Centre Riudeperes has two services available: the residential housing and the daily housing service, both addressed to people with intellectual disabilities who require generalized support and who suffer from physical and/or mental health problems.


  1. Provide a suitable environment replacement home,  tailored to the needs of assistance to all activities of daily living, attending to the needs of individual rehabilitation and treatment.
  2. Provide a good quality of life for residents and meet all the individual needs of the person taking care of appropriate treatments.
  3. Encourage the maintenance or recovery of the maximum degree of personal and social choice.
  4. Ensure a good interaction with the society; promote social inclusion and the rights of citizenship of users.
  5. Providing support to families and guardians user’s.