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Residential Housing and Daily Housing Service CENTRE RIUDEPERES

Who we collaborate with

The Centre Riudeperes belongs to the Coordinator of ‘Centres de Profunds’ of Catalonia.

Primarily, it has agreements of collaboration with the University of Vic, the University of Girona, the Institute  Antoni Pous of Manlleu, IES Vic, The council of Vic, the Association of Lluçanès and the ‘Consell Comarcal d'Osona’ (the Regional Council of Osona) referring to the programmes ILOSER of ‘la Diputació de Barcelona’ (the Regional Government of Barcelona) and other centres of the county where modules of training are carried out related to our scope of intervention. The aim of these agreements is that the interested students could come to undertake the training of their education in the centre.

As well, the Centre Riudeperes colaborates with Justice Department.

Due to the medical sanitary needs of the people who we assist, the Centre Riudeperes maintains has an agreement with the Basic Area of Health (BAH) of Santa Eugènia, as well as with the General Hospital of Vic.