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Residential Housing and Daily Housing Service CENTRE RIUDEPERES


The continued training of the professionals of the Centre has constituted and represents a very important area and take advantage of the Management Team; especially with the objective that the training could respond to all the professionals’ needs. We consider that the training of the staff has effects on an improvement of the quality of life I four our users, the motivation and the quality of the individual work and the relationship among all the professionals of the Centre and of these ones with the users.

The Centre promotes the training from different aspects, training which allows an update concerning the last tendencies in the scope of the intellectual disability.

The activity of training of the Centre starts from two aspects:

As far as the internal training, the technical team carries out assessments of the Educative Technical Assistants (ETA) in an individualized way. This training refers to the psycho-pedagogical, medico-sanitary, rehabilitation and assistance areas. Aspects such as performance guides and attention to the users and the practice of different techniques of modification of behaviour are also treated in the assessments, with the aim to offer a wide range of resources for the professionals in the direct and daily attention of the user.

The Management Team, on an internal level, plans every year the training of the Centre, depending on needs from the professionals; their demands, suggestions and interests are evaluated and considered by means of an evaluation carried out by the courses done throughout the year; considering also that training which the technical team evaluates necessary for the improvement of the quality of the service and for users’ quality of life and/or for the improvement of the physical and emotional welfare of the professionals.

As for the external training, all the human and professional team of the Centre attends different courses, seminars, sessions and congresses that other entities and organizations of the sector organize.