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Housing Service CLARELLA

What is it?

The Housing Service Clarella is a service of personalized attention, in the scope of specialized social services, which has the objective to provide in a temporary or definite way, an independent and non-institutionalized life to people with some degree of disabilities equal or superior to 33%.

The housing service Clarella combines two levels of services: the Resident Homes and the programme of support for the autonomy in their own house, either in flats arranged by the Entity or in the family or their homes where they were brought up.


The Housing Service Clarella has the aim to favour the maximum independence and personal and social choice of the users. To be able to achieve a better quality of life:

  • Promoting the individual development.- This objective, based on the personal growth, contemplates that the person with an intellectual deficit, could understand more aspects of life to be able to achieve a superior degree of personal choice by developing the personal initiative, as well as the affective and emotional ones.
  • Promoting the development of the communal life.- It intends to promote that the person could achieve responsibilities in the functioning of the house, respecting the individual intimacy and freedom and fomenting the solidarity and coexistence with the flatmates.
  • Promoting the development of the process of social integration.- It tries to promote and facilitate the participation of the person in community cultural and social activities, to ease the process of social integration.