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Housing Service CLARELLA

Who we address to

Our service is addressed to users with intellectual disabilities from the Special Work Centre, the Insertion Occupational Service and from the School Estel of the Association Sant Tomàs.

The users of these services, to be able to be admitted to the Housing Service, will have to accomplish the following criteria: 

  1. To be related to the county of Osona by reason of continuous residence, family bonds etc.
  2. To acknowledge the competent public administration conforming they are affected by psychical disability.
  3. To have the approval of admission of the corresponding Centre of Attention to Disabled People (CAD)
  4. That the individual traits of the candidates/ residents allow them to enjoy a personal choice and some possibilities of a relationship which will permit the adaptation to the group and do not disturb the general functioning of it.
  5. That the willing of living in the home is manifested by the candidates or by their legal or fact representatives, considering the wish/es and/or needs of them.
  6. Acceptation of the Rules of the Home Internal Regime by the candidates and their legal or fact representatives; acceptation which will be manifested with the signature of the contract of contribution of services.

Those users who meet the following conditions will have priority of admission:

  1. Impossibility of attention to the home where they were brought up.
  2. Maladjustment in the house where they were brought up or present residency.
  3. That the Association Sant Tomàs has in its charge the legal tutelage of the applicant.