Gent molt capaį

Leisure and Sports Service CLUB CAR


The Club CAR was born in the summer of 1970, it was initially a recreation centre where activities and excursions took place on Sunday afternoons. From 1981 the Club CAR was integrated in the Association as a branch dedicated to leisure and sport, but maintaining the functional autonomy, becoming an independent service but protected by Sant Tomàs. Next, the Association offers a premises to the service in order to be able to carry out activities in a more regular manner.

In June 2002, the sportive club CAR was born (sportive section of the same service) independent of the Association, although 2 years later it was opted for signing an agreement and linked it again to the organization chart of Sant Tomàs. The Club CAR currently has on with more than 150 users of different ages and multiple activities (either sport or leisure).