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Leisure and Sports Service CLUB CAR

What is it?

The Club CAR is a non-profit organisation which offers diverse opportunities of leisure and sports in nearby and communal environments.

The sports improves the physical state of the person with intellectual disability and allows and promotes their capacity of choice and relation with the society.

The practice of a sport contributes to increase the welfare: 

  • Physical: either at a physiologic level (musculature, respiratory system, nervous system, cardiovascular, etc.) or at a motor level (flexibility, coordination, orientation, etc.) 
  • Emotional: Releasing of tensions, promotion of the capacities, overcoming and independence 
  • Social: Participation in the community, providing a normal life and the social integration

The leisure is an essential scope necessary in the life of any person. Everybody has the right to enjoy this space. It is the time dedicated to resting, to relaxing ourselves, to do what we like, either alone or sharing it with people from our choice. That is why, from the service of leisure we need search for the support which will favour growth and personal development.



  • To promote the participation of young people and adults with intellectual disabilities in the world of leisure and sport, organizing different activities.
  • To obtain some of the necessary habits and resources so that people with intellectual disabilities can choose from the leisure sport activities that the communal environment offers to them.
  • To improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities.


  • In the personal scope:
    • It develops the self-esteem, the choice, the creativity and the expressivity.
    • It helps the person’s development and growth.
  • In the social ambit:
    • To arrange the social cohesion.
    • To develop the interpersonal abilities.
    • To develop social abilities.
    • To potentiate and give continuity to the different personal relationships that could arise in a natural way during the activities.