Gent molt capaį

Leisure and Sports Service CLUB CAR

Leisure activities

  1. CAR Free: Every Monday a group of boys/girls meet in the social premises to carry out activities, workshops, games, library, etc. The activities take place from 17:30 to 20:00h.
  2. CAR Theatre: Every Tuesday a group of boys/ girls meet in the social premises to rehearse a play that they will represent in different venues in the county of Osona at the end of the course. The timetable of the activity is from 17:30 to 20:00h.
  3. CAR Varies: On Tuesdays there is a group of boys/ girls that do activities making the most of the resources that the community offers (exhibitions, libraries, etc.), the activities are held from 18:30 to 20:00h. On the other hand, other activities are also looked for so that the users could do in an autonomous and integrating way in the civic centres, cultural centres or libraries in some towns of the county.
  4. Trips and excursions: From time to time, trips and excursions are organized some Sundays. We also celebrate some traditional and popular festivities that are organized from the community (‘Tió’ which is the typical Christmas Eve celebration, Carnival, Saint Jordi, Saint Joan, etc.)
  5. Service of Holidays: Different shifts of holidays are organized spread throughout the year: Easter, Holiday of the 1st of May, Saint Joan, Summer, All Saints or Halloween, Christmas, in order to give this service to the maximum number of users as possible.