Gent molt capaį

Occupational Centre SANT TOMAS

How we work

The review of the application is carried out by the Social Worker of the Service by means of an interview with the user/ family in which the certificate of disability and the corresponding evaluation from Evaluation and Orientation Team (EOT) of the CIASS will determine if they have to be assisted at the OTS or the IOS and will next inform the management of the centre. The technical manager will carry out the application for a place in the CIAS, they will do the fostering of the user and the family in the centre signing the assistance contract.

Phases of the process of demand and admission into the Service:

  1. Informative meeting with the Social Worker of the service in order to inform them about the process. 
  2. Demand of work evaluation to the corresponding EOT. 
  3. Receipt of the work evaluation. 
  4. A social and psychological evaluation is carried out in order to determine the needs of support of the person and their environment and the suitability of the service. 
  5. The approval of entrance to the service is asked. 
  6. Admission to the service according to the typical internal protocol.