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Occupational Centre SANT TOMAS


The activity of the historical building of Sant Tomàs was started in January 1974 but it was not until later, approximately towards 1976 when it began to work with a little group, which would start to be the beginnings of the workshops. At the start the users who attended the workshops were few but slowly they were growing and it was decided to create some new facilities to locate the workshops. On the Palms’ Sunday of 1978 the first own workshop was inaugurated, located in the property of Sant Tomàs. In mid 80’s, with almost 80 people, the capacity of the workshop of Sant Tomàs reached the limit, for which it was necessary to search for new space. This way, in 1986, a small premises in Manlleu was opened, with the initial objective to give response to all the needs of a single client who put at the disposal of workshop a a premises in its own company, in which there were 12 workers and 2 monitors. These workers were people with an autonomy which allowed them to use public transport to go to work.

In 1989, in the industrial area of Manlleu a new industrial workshop of 1,000 m2 was provided, with which the Special Work Centre Tac Osona was created. The naves of the Special Work Centre had become too small and not appropriate to locate, as originally wanted, a section of Occupational Therapy Service and a section of Insertion Occupational Service. Thanks to an agreement with the Council of Manlleu, the old naves were sold and some others situated in the street Alp were bought (a place where the service is currently located). At the beginning of 2000 the new OTS of Manlleu was created. At present, the service assists 30 people.

The IOS vas born at the beginnings of the 90s but it was not until 2004 that it had the infrastructure and the economic capacity to undergo the current project. 

Nowadays, the IOS is integrated by 13 users who develop activities orientated to the work learning and the acquisition of abilities for the personal and social autonomy.