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Occupational Centre SANT TOMAS

What is it?

The Occupational Centre is set in the scope of social services assigned to the attention of people with intellectual disabilities of working age in the county of Osona. It constitutes the alternative to the work insertion for adult people with intellectual disabilities who do not have enough level of habits and abilities to access to a working contract.

The occupational centre has two areas of activity: the Occupational Therapy Service and the Insertion Occupational Service both assigned to offer services of personal and social adjustment and work training.

The Occupational Therapy Service (OTS) carries out its intervention in the areas of personal and social adjustment and of therapeutic occupation. It is addressed to those who have some needs of individual attention which prevent them from incorporating into an ordinary company or to a Special Work Centre.

The Insertion Occupational Service (IOS) is orientated to the maintenance and the promotion of  work capacities according to the person’s possibilities, with the objective to adjust to a work environment as normal as possible and as a result, to get offered contract.


The OTS aim is to offer to its addressees, through a daily attention of integral rehabilitation, services of occupational therapy so that they can achieve, within each one’s possibilities and through an individual programme of rehabilitation, their maximum social integration.

The IOS has the potential to keep the work capacities of the users so that they are willing to integrate themselves into the work activity when the circumstances allow. Also foreseeing, when the needs of individual attention of the user require so, the orientation towards the Occupational Therapy Service.