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Occupational Centre SANT TOMAS

Who we address to

Occupational Therapy Service

To people with intellectual disabilities in the county of Osona, who are working with a disability of whom is equal or superior to 65% according to the evaluation elaborated by the corresponding certificate of disability. They also need to have the orientation of service which the Evaluation and Orientation Team (EOT) of the Catalan Institute of Assistance and Social Services (CIASS) carry out.

Insertion Occupational Service

Our service is addressed to adults with intellectual disabilities in the county of Osona, with the corresponding evaluation of the Work EOT to use the service.

To obtain the admission in any of the two services it is necessary to accomplish in a generic way the following conditions:

  1. To be 18 years old or more. 
  2. To be linked to the county of Osona for reason of continued residency, family links, ... 
  3. To have the recognition of the competent Public Administration according that he/ she is affected by psychical disability. 
  4. To have the approval of admission in the Service issued by the competent organization. 
  5. That the user or their legal or fact representative signs a contract of assistance with the Association Sant Tomàs, holder of the Service, annex in which the individual programme will figure, elaborated by the technical team and supervised by the corresponding work WEO.