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Occupational Centre SANT TOMAS

Crafts Products

Within OC the elaboration of crafts products has been carried out for a few years. The elaboration and sale of these products allows people who take part in it, could recognize the achievement of a material result very satisfactorily, and this way feel a real sense to its activity.

These products are made through different activities of a hand-made nature and we send them out according to orders from families or clients, and to the traditional crafts fairs, Christmas on Saint Jordi’s Day. We also have a stall at the market every Tuesday in Vic. If people wish, they can also make an order directly through the workshop.

The activity has the following aims:

  • To get to know manual techniques for the elaboration of products.
  • To awake the sensorial and creative pleasure.
  • To experience the capacity of expression and creation.

Some of the products we elaborate are: candles, soap, imitation jewellery, notebooks, paintings, Christmas cards, bookmarks, key rings and frames, objects with recycled paper, and different types of paper, among others. Here you can see some samples: 

Bijuteria (1) Bijuteria (2) Caixa paper reciclat
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