Gent molt capaį

What is Sant Tomās?

We are a non-profit organization open for the public, non-governmental and non-confessional. We collaborate with public and private administrations as well as institutions to achieve our mission, which is:

To improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and the lives of their families in the county on Osona.


  • To encourage at all levels, the attention towards people with intellectual disabilities in the ordinary services of the community and watch over their maximum participation, their families and tutors as well as the professionals, in the development and activities of the Entity.  
  • To promote, create and/ or manage in the county of Osona, the centres and services necessary and the measure of their availabilities.  
  • To promote  public consciousness about the problems of the intellectual disabilities and  solidarity of the community as well as to foster the prevention and the studies in this field.
  • To give support to the affected families and to provide their parents, relatives and tutors with information, training and appropriate assessment.  
  • To offer the necessary training and support so that these people could carry out some work which represents a personal stimulation and which involves a fair salary and a normal social life. The work will be set not only as a level of integration to the ordinary company, collaborating with all the companies, people and entities either public or private that can promote appropriate posts, but also as a level of creation of Special Work Centres.
  • To carry out all those actions leading to potentiate and promote the self-government, the personal growth, the social normalization and in general the improvement of the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities.