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School of Special Education ESTEL

How we work

To receive any of the services of Estel (education in the centre or support of the EST (Education Support Team) it is necessary to have the judgement of the PET (Psycho-pedagogic Evaluation Team) of the area.

The approval is a document which sets the educative needs of the students and carries out a suggestion of education in a centre. This document is signed by the parents, the professional responsible of the case of the PET and the manager of the PET. This document is transferred to the Director of Territorial Services, who, by a resolution, permits the education of the education in our centre and the shared education between our centre and an ordinary centre.

Concerning the students who receive the service of the SET, an equal basis commission between the PET of the area and Estel is who decides which students will receive this support. This decision is taken from the initial suggestion taken by the PET and according to the criteria agreed between the PET and Estel.