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School of Special Education ESTEL

Who we collaborate with

Estel maintains a close relationship with most ordinary schools of the county of Osona (either primary or secondary).

It also collaborates with PET, with the centre of mental health of the Hospital General of Vic and with the net of social services of the county.

In the period of transition to the adult life, relationships with companies of Osona are established so that students could carry out working training experience.

It is founder member of the GIEE (Research Group in Special Education) which gathers different schools and professionals of the special education with the objective to share and exchange innovative experiences for the improvement of the educative quality.

It has established training agreements with the Universitat de Vic, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Universitat Ramon Llull.

Also some professionals of Estel belong to research groups of the  Universitat de Vic and the Universitat Ramon Llull.