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School of Special Education ESTEL


Estel has a training and updating programme with the teachers who contemplates the following objectives:

  1. Programme of basic training for all professionals. 
  2. Programme of basic training for the professionals who join the centre again. 
  3. Programme of training and competences for each area of knowledge. 
  4. Potentiality of innovation works of internal and external research. 
  5. Proposals of seminars of internal training, both from the own teachers and the assessors or external experts. 
  6. Possibility to carry out training stays or obtain periods of personal recycling. 
  7. Improvement of the library and the access to different resources of information.

At present, the training is organized in the following scopes:

  1. Training and internal updating of the teachers. 
  2. Participation in activities of external training (courses, seminars, congresses, etc.). 
  3. Participation in groups of training, innovation and research.