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School of Special Education ESTEL

Work Group with parents

 Estel organizes a series of activities addressed to the parents of our students which have the objective to favour the exchange of experiences and the sharing of information of interest.

1. Groups of family support

They are groups of parents who meet once a month to chat and this way share their experiences to find strategies of mutual support.

2. Chats

They are conferences led by professionals and/ or specialists about different issues which are of interest to the parents.

3. Programme Parent to Parent

It is a programme carried out by a group of parents and professionals which has as the central aim of offering to other parents the support and accompanying the families facing the situation of having a child with psychical and/ or physical disabilities getting in touch with a foster family who want to share with them their experiences. Click here to download the informative leaflet.

4. Welcome Meeting

It is a meeting to welcome the parents of the new students who start school, with parents who already have their children here, in order to exchange impressions, doubts, share feelings, etc.

5. Working Day

It is a meeting of parents, children and professionals to adapt some space of the school tasks ( gardening, painting, etc.). This allows the mutual knowledge in a more informal environment.

6. Ludic Day

It is a meeting of parents, children and professionals in order to spend a morning doing creative and leisure activities having good time and enjoying themselves.