Gent molt capaį

Special Work Centre TAC OSONA


Tac Osona was born in 1974. During the first years it was held in the same premises for workers and users with very diverse capacities. Later the legislation raised the differentiation between Occupational Centre and Special Work Centre, according to the different degrees of disability, which allowed better organization.

In 1986 a small centre in Manlleu was opened for the company “Kidicap”. At the end of the 80s with the help of a group of entrepreneurs of the county of Osona a new premises was bought in street Canigó in Manlleu.

The first contracts of employees with disabilities took place in 1993, at this stage the first section of gardening and the first work enclave were created. In 2000 the operations were moved to street Alp in Manlleu, to a wider area. In 2005 the name of Tac-Osona was born in Vic, where the services of gardening were located and further on of cleaning, a space of 1000 m2 of floor that was later  enlarged to a 2,150 m2 of space.