Gent molt capaį

Special Work Centre TAC OSONA

To companies


  1. Cleaning services and maintenance of spaces: company offices, parking lots, neighbourhood stairs and cleaning of graphite.
  2. Maintenance of street furniture and traffic signs.
  3. Gardening and forest service: management ande maintenance of green spaces, execution of public and private works, elaboration of projects and technical assessment, installation and maintenance of urban furniture and children’s games, installation of vertical signs.
  4. Environment: selective choosing of waste, recycling and management of rubbish.
  5. Industrial services: external workshop in processes of assembly in series, thermo-packing and retractable, promotions, assembling manipulated, mailings, posting, folding and direct marketing.
  6. Work Enclaves: movement of work teams to the companies, either in a permanent or temporary way.
  7. Ecological Horticulture.
  8. Central kitchen for collectivities, managment of external kitchens and catering service. (to download informative brochure).
  9. Infrastructure management.
  10. Support to the local maintenance brigade.