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Service of Training and Work Insertion EINA

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Process of Work Insertion

1. Work Training

Work training is addressed to young people older than 16 who don't have any training or work experience and they need the basic or specific knowledge and abilities to access the labour world.

The courses combine the theory classes with at least a period of training in the company:

  • In the theoretical classes, we work with modules such as the world of business, security and hygiene, interests and work expectations, social abilities, and other aspects of the personal autonomy that favour getting job.
  • The practical training allows the student to learn the different work tasks and to apply the worked knowledge to the theory of the course. The period of training comes regulated by an agreement that the student, the company and Eina sign.
  • Continued support is given to the students in their workplaces, by learning the different tasks and in order to favour a good welcome among the work colleagues.

Work specific training 
Work specific training in a trade or labor sector and preferably directed to people who have previously participated in a course of basic work training. Courses: gardening assistant, cleaning assistant, operator of machines, tools and manipulation subsets, kitchen auxiliary, laundry auxiliary).

Employment counseling
Another form of training are the sessions of orientation addressed to people who have already worked or done work training and are looking for a job. The sessions of orientation have the objective of facilitating the main tools for the search of work, promoting as much as possible the participation of the people in all process, and specify which the most appropriate jobs are according to their work profiles. As well, Eina helps in the search of work.

2. Continuous training
Other training courses are also organized for workers with intellectual disabilities in order to improve their work knowledge and/ or promote their personal autonomy and leisure. The variety of courses carried out varies every year depending on the participants’ needs and preferences. Courses of cooking, computer, saloon dancing, money administration and digital photography, among others will be arranged.

3. Support of work search
We give support in the search of work in the different companies of the county.

Firstly, a continued search of jobs is carried out which includes visits to the responsible people of the companies, where information is provided about the work insertion of people with disabilities.

As well, depending on the traits of the person, we give them support in all the process so that they can participate the most, for example the elaboration of the curriculum, preparation and/ or accompanying them to the work interviews.

4. Support in the maintenance of the workplace
From Eina we supply continuous support to the workers with intellectual disabilities and to the companies where they work to be able to guarantee the permanence and promotion in their workplaces. This follow-up consists of a set of measures such as the individualized tuition with the worker and contacts of follow-up in the company.

5. Collaboration with family
We maintain a continued contact with the participants’ family to accompany them during the process of training and work insertion of their children.